Third party consignments- Label well vessel name , PO #. We shall treat them like our supply. Repack in black color wrapped if required. Ensure even it has undergo several handlings, sea farers can find the spares in good shape. Also, consolodated delivery in 1 go can save unnecessary transport cost

Puzzled as it is relative expensive, time consuming

Since 1991 Belgium Customs convention, China Customs Department and Commerce Department implemented Customs Tariff Schedule for collection of import tax and tax refund

All data of shipping document must tally one another
Saturday and Sunday Customs do not work
Understand /sort the category of ship spares
Quota system in certain commodities , there is restriction on certain export
8 and 10 digits HS code system
Familiar with air port hub at different geographical region
Export – Define dangerous goods and separate apart dangerous cargo apart if required Magnetic certificate for motor or device
– Chemical analysis cert is needed if consignment is or containing granulate or liquid form
– famous branded commodity must have the authorization letter to avoid exporting counterfeited/ faked product

Prohibited items – medicines, radar, nautical charts cannot export or import
Airport sometimes is different from seaport, it takes 2-3 working days for clearance in China

Cartridge consumption vs. Copy paper consumption
Owners queried why the consumption and frequency of reorder of printer cartridges in unreasonable amount and time. We explained printing of photo and dense of essay is critical. We retrieved 6 months consumption of copy paper in which almost matched with the recommendation data .
Canon default paper per consumption value is 20% printed area

Verification of parameter of steel wire ropes like breaking strength, rope ends preparation, and cables for signalling or power transmission, sheath,

We have comprehensive , long term co-operation with Korean and Chinese maker with mill cert. Also for ship’s classification cert but it takes relative long time and certification fee

Air vent head
Bronze or Cast Iron Globe valve
Cast steel check valves
Butterfly valves,
Storm valves
pneumatic operated actuator
Technical Parameter : we should get the ship’s consensus of PCD, materials of valves and pressure
Assist to supply and change single hull tanker to double hull tankers for Eastern Tanker
Assist to supply and change valves during docking for OOCL fleet

Unitor/Drew Ameroid Welding Consumables compatible
Safety non return valves
Gas welding consumables

  • Cell guides replacement due loading/unloading GP damage of containerized ship
  • Set up railing to lay or withdraw pipes in case stinger is out of order
  • Set up railing to transfer the motor of mooring winches
  • Redirect the 200 bars hydraulic oil piping of mooring winches

Personal Protecting Safety card
Uniforms – Fortuna boiler suits; Zim Integration, Belship, TCC, OSM, Valles
Safety shoes – To carry out 200Kj mass impact test
Safety goggles – To carry out ventilation test
Safety harness – to attend free falling testing
Safety helmet MSA – to attend impact testing

Derusting machine 500 HP – to carry out safety training/ demonstration

Crew follow and carry out the derusting task

As per the prototype, we supply exact the branded electrical and pneumatic tools, hand tools. Other daily consumables, we shall supply strictly as per IMPA or ISSA quality ship stores so crew can get the right tool for repair and maintenance