About Us

The name Man Sang Company began it’s legacy in 1977 to provide comprehensive supply of stores, bonded & provisions, safety items and chemicals to all commercial and naval fleets at all China ports and Hong Kong.

We gained an enormous trust in shipping by providing excellent services to our clients all over the world.

We focused our business not only a ship-chandlers, but to provide a wide range value added services like assist clients?

to clear the spares consignment, consolidating all owners supply item from various supply depot and arrange timely delivery. Through our network, we can provide under water cleaning / inspection services to remote the stubborn hull residues in China. It was certified by all major ships classifications CCS, DNV, NK and LR. Other than the general ship stores suppliers for DECK, ENGINE, CABIN, RADIO, ELECTRICAL Departments, we are capable to supply the ocean-going vessels of the following items which are directly sourced from the original maker and manufacturers.


We started our business scope in the heart of Hong Kong.  Central Distract.

Our goal is to provide decent ship services & supplies to our client’s fleet. There is no small order for us as even a nautical sea chart or heavy crucial Main Engine cylinder cover. We, Man Sang China, commenced the saga of ship supply business in 1977 in Hong Kong, the free port in China. We were qualified as an associated ISSA member in 1983, and member of IMPA as well.

In year 1980-2000, we serviced local ship owners during her stay in Hong Kong port and exported ship stores and spares by containers to overseas  to ensure decent quality ship stores plus Personal protecting equipment, Company stationery, notice could be delivered in one go.

In year 2001 up to now, Mainland China adapted open door policy and we expanded our business scope to Chinese ports and form joint venture partner with key experienced ex-ship yard repair business and ship supplier veterans. We forecast in China will have rapid growth of ship building and repairing or port of discharging, Also there are frequent in & out of finished consumer goods, raw material and energy at Chinese ports. China plays a vital role of Global Supply chain