Electronic Control Sponge Sandblasting Machine Model KPBS-300E


The machine adopts automatic touch screen control, and the sandblasting parameters are clear on the screen. The separation of high-pressure air and abrasive can avoid blocking and pulse phenomenon to the greatest extent. The mobile design is convenient for flexible use in various places. Compared with traditional abrasives, the sponge blasting abrasives used greatly reduce sandblasting dust, which is more environmentally friendly and safer. The sponge blasting abrasive is a medium with a sponge-like texture binds the abrasive grit. Using high-pressure air as the medium it’s flung out through a nozzle against the workpiece to be machined. In the collision with the surface, the sponge is compressed. This leads to the creation of a vacuum between the contact surfaces, which absorbs the surrounding dust and makes the environment almost dust-free. After the rebound, the speed of sponge abrasive decreases, and it will not cause impact damage to surrounding equipment, instruments, ground and walls. The surface treated by this machine can reach the rust removal standard Sa2.5-Sa3 grade, and the surface roughness can reach 12-100 microns. The contact surface of the metal surface is increased, the adhesion of the coating film is strengthened, and the service life of the coating film is extended while the maintenance cost is reduced, which has very significant economic benefits. Compared with similar international products, the sandblasting machine developed by our company has the characteristics of high rust removal efficiency, low abrasive and energy consumption, high safety, and convenient operation. This manual will separately introduce the working principle, use, operation method, etc., in order to increase productivity and obtain maximum economic benefits.


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