HACCP Food Safety Management

Zero tolerance policy forced us to axe 3/4 suppliers of our provisions vendor pool but we do not find victuals supply standard has significantly improved.

We observe conventional wholesaling in very limited selections and we must find way to breakthrough. We do not hesitate to adopt brand new on line shopping tool with the aids of internet and app.

Fresh fruit, vegetables
Collaborate with Baidu , listed at Nasdaq, the search engine market value is 50.8 billion USD in 2013

Prompt delivery within 30-60 minutes upon ordering
Perfect competition as over tens of decent quality suppliers options and all products are real time access for ordering

Collaborate with Metro, Germany , the catering hub with truly HACCP concept which have annual sales over 2.4 billion Euro. In 2014. The branch work with us is located @Pudong Long Yang Road

Form a supply chain
Canned & miscellaneous product- On line shopping with JD. Com (Wal-Mart’s subsidiary)
All vendors are committed to prepare and ready to collect within 24 hours after ordering

Ensure the transport process to ship alongside, the condition of provisions is fully compliance of transport strict requirement (Frozen meat and daily products) in suitable temperature confined lorry or van

  • We collect both sales/purchase history to identify each ship’s captain, ship management, owners trend, taste and preference when required .
  • Our system have the tracing function so that our purchaser team can have fundamental understanding on our client fleet as well as individual vessel. We then can place pinpointed order to our vendor. At the end we do not need spend time to sorting the data as information will be automatically processed to management reports so that we can share the statistics with our cored suppliers
  • We settle suppliers ‘ bills promptly as per the agreed payment term. We inquire staffs if there is any pending unclear PO
  • We have the form to let supplier fill in, there will have an agreement to deal with so that no need to waste resource to discuss the trade term , annual rebate and price of every single transaction.
  • We explicit to our vendor no unauthorized rebate in any form to our staffs or staff’s direct family trees. All kind of rebate if any to be endorsed by Man Sang Management. There is no compromise, supplier will not be used and employment relationship to be terminated with immediate effect.
  • We summarize the last year sales figure to major vendors so that the privileged fixed price agreement can be reached.
  • Our system monitor and pop up if there is price difference with the history biding price so that the price can be properly maintained
  • For those vessels regularly takes supplies fm Man Sang, we periodically provide price list to them plus fruit in season for them to choose . Ensure they can get the first hand best abundant available items and they will not buy expensive and old stock vegetables or fruits.
  • Boarding attendance are compulsory required to file a returned goods note with unique red label to our warehouse team. There is a unique return marking and restricted zone to distinguish out returned goods with new order.
  • We commit to report the supply report to ship manager within 48 hours after delivery at our mother ports . Some delay may happen in non mother ports. In the report, we state those undelivered items , quantity so that ship manager can decide whether pending items needed to resupply at her next convenience ports